Top 5 Science Fiction films of 2012

As a special treat to our readers, our friend from Sydney, Kat Clay has been kind enough to share her Top 5 Science Fiction films of 2012.

#1 Looper

Looper was this year’s Inception, a film that bent minds across the world in an effort to figure out the paradoxical concept of time travel. The loopers, time travel assassins, take out people sent from the future into the past. Rian Johnson’s film oozed 80s cool, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt taking on his future self, played by Bruce Willis. It’s always cool to see Bruce Willis with a gun, even better when the thoughtful script gets you thinking about cycles of violence.

#2 Prometheus

Discovering remnants of an ancient civilization, a team of explorers searches alien ruins only to find some familiar jars of black goo. Noomi Rapace channels Ripley and Michael Fassbender gives a stand out performance as David the android. While Prometheus contained incredible special effects, the philosophical plot divided audiences.  Love it or hate it, Prometheus delved into one of my favorite science fiction worlds with one of my favorite directors.

#3 The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan’s conclusion to the rebooted Batman certainly fits into dystopian science fiction, as the menacing anarchist Bane takes over Gotham City. With Batman public enemy number one, how can the caped crusader redeem himself and restore peace to the troubled town? Plus, Anne Hathaway made for one sexy Catwoman. While the first half might have been a bit slow, it made up for it with an explosive ending.

#4 Men In Black 3

Going to high school in the 90s, Men In Black occupied a huge part of my teenage years, where wannabe boys wore black suits and dark sunglasses, and we all shuffled along to “Here come the Men in Black”. While the second sequel was forgettable, the third film rounds out the series with plenty of nostalgia and laughs. Worth it alone for Josh Brolin’s performance as Agent K, perfectly imitating Tommy Lee Jones’ mannerisms.

#5 The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen participates in a televised death match, a yearly ritual in the world of Panem. Jennifer Lawrence brought Katniss’ struggle to life. The meaningful story of sacrifice and solidarity both appealed to teenagers and adults. When making a film based on a bestselling novel there is a risk of disappointing devoted fans. Thankfully the faithful adaptation left viewers happy.

As for 2013, I’m looking forward to Star Trek Into Darkness, Ender’s Game, Man of Steel and of course, Iron Man 3.

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About the Author: Kat Clay is a writer and photographer from Sydney, Australia. She is the editor of Radiant Attack a blog for science fiction, fantasy, weird and big freakin’ squid. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s off hiking a distant mountain or travelling through Asia. You can find her on twitter at @kat_clay and @radiantattack

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