Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Science Fiction Fans

Let’s face it, Science Fiction fans aren’t always the easiest people to shop for, so to help you out, I thought I’d share my gift recommendations for this holiday season.

1) Twisted t-shirt
It costs money to maintain the great content on our site and in our free enews. Really, the only way we can cover the costs, and keep the lights on so-to-speak is with the sale of our 100% cotton t-shirts. We ship these awesome shirts worldwide, and if you’re located in the US, USPS Priority Mail shipping is always free. Please consider supporting us with the purchase of one of these t-shirts.

2) American Science Fiction: Nine Classic Novels of the 1950s [Hardcover]
Not only is this collection of classics awesome to read, but it’s also gorgeous! This would truly make an impressive gift for any Science Fiction Fan. These stories are hand-picked by The Coode Street Podcast‘s Gary K. Wolfe.

3) Firefly
This 2002 American Science Fiction T.V. series has developed a cult-like following since it left the air. Pricing for the full-season DVD, including 3 episodes that never aired is a steal for under $20. The space travelling main characters ride aboard ‘Serenity,’ which is also available as a standalone film by the same name for fans of the TV Series.

4) Signed books from Steve Umstead
The Evan Gabriel stories by Steve Umstead are the perfect stories for Military Science Fiction fans. These fast-paced, action-packed stories are fun to read, and as an added bonus, for a limited time, author, Steve Umstead is willing to autograph them.

5) Lost in Space
What Science Fiction fans collection is complete without a copy of the 1960’s classic TV show, Lost in Space? This series is perhaps best known for the famous quote “Danger Will Robinson” as uttered by the family’s robot. Doctor Smith, played by Jonathan Harris, is a character that you’ll despise and love simultaneously. This series combines action, space travel, and comedy with an element of theater.

6) Wool Omnibus from Hugh Howey.
Wow, this book really hit this year with a bang. One year ago, Hugh Howey was stocking books in a book store and now he’s a best-selling author. Why? Because his dystopian book Wool is terrific and very hard to put down. Howey has combined his first five stories into Wool Omnibus; another great gift idea for the Science Fiction fans on your list.

7) Robot Punch t-shirts
I own one of these t-shirts and absolutely love it! They are cleverly designed and these 100% cotton shirts are available in both black and white and sport several different designs. They even include ladies sizes for female Science Fiction fans.

8) Dune
True fans of Frank Herbert’s Dune will tell you that there will never be a TV or film version that can capture the true essence of the book. While most die-hard fans will tell you that David Lynch’s 1984 film adaptation was a disappointment, they typically agree that the Sci-Fi Channel’s TV Series Dune followed by the Children of Dune are superior adaptations.

9) Redshirts by John Scalzi
No Science Fiction holiday list is complete without something for Star Trek fans. This year, John Scalzi poked a little fun at the ‘Redshirts‘ from Star Trek episodes that never seem to make it back onto the starship ‘Enterprise’ when they are beamed down on a mission. He even includes 3 bonus short stories, (aka codas). This is an ideal gift for any Star Trek fan with a sense of humor.

10) Cee Lo’s Magic Moment
Okay, I admit there’s absolutely no tie in with Science Fiction here, but I couldn’t resist adding this musical gem to the list. I’ve grown so tired of hearing the same holiday songs over and over, so I broke down and purchased Cee Lo Green’s Magic Moment. What an awesome Christmas Album. My favorite song is the a capella version of The Grinch. There’s also an excellent rendition of holiday classic, The Christmas Song. He even does a fun version of ‘All I Need Is Love’ featuring The Muppets-I know this sounds ridiculous, but the song is actually very good.

What did I miss? Please add your recommendations in the comments section below. Also, please feel free to comment on any of our recommendations listed above. Thanks in advance for sharing and Happy Holidays!

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