Review of Spinward Fringe Broadcast 5: Fracture by Randolph Lalonde

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Rating from TwistedSciFi ★★★★½ 

Fracture kicks off shortly after Randolph Lalonde’s previous book, Broadcast 4: Frontline.

Plot Summary: Alice is in a coma, and the damaged Triton needs somewhere to hole up for a while to run repairs. Alice, in her wisdom, predetermined a course to Ossimi Station prior to her injury.

As they travel to the station Captain Jake gets some bad news. His nemesis Wheeler is back and working for the Order of Eden. Wheeler is blaming the Holocaust Virus on Captain Valance and is executing anyone who has anything to do with him including his old crew on the Sampson. On top of that Regent Galactic has had his accounts frozen, rendering him unable to pay his crew. Adversity never weakens this crew or this captain; it just makes them more dangerous.

As Captain Jake nears the destination he receives a message that begins with a scream and ends with a plea for help. Eden Fleet took out all the defenses of Ossimi Station, and it is now about to be raided. The plea for help didn’t come from the station but rather from the one of the slaves on the raider ships.

Nerine is a slave on the Palamo, an old carrier. Everyone aside from the captain wears a slave collar and the captain has an itchy trigger finger. There is no escape from her life of drudgery and no choice for her fellow slaves in raiding Ossimi Station, which carries a death sentence. Her only hope lies with one man and his ship, The Triton.

What makes this book special: This series just keeps getting better and better. It was so good to read other people’s POVs and see what ties them to the ship and the relationships they have with each other. I really felt for Ayan and Captain Valance as they struggle between who they were and who they are and what that means to each other. The action is as always excellent but it is seeing the loyalty and friendships both past and forming of the crew that gives this book so much heart and soul.

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