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Broadcast 0 and the Spinward Fringe series were a source of inspiration for the launch of this Science Fiction review site. If you enjoy Space Opera and are drawn to stories with strong character development, then you owe it to yourself to download and read a free copy of Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins. I read a lot of Science Fiction-my wife would say I’m obsessed-and this is one of my all-time favorite series.

Because of my strong bias for the Spinward Fringe series, I asked Yvonne Boag, a fellow member of our review team, to read and review Broadcast 0. Here’s what she had to say:

Freeground is a repair and resupply station in literally the middle of nowhere. But it is also a lot more than that, it is home to “a melting pot of travelers, founder descendants, transients and lost souls.” Included in this mix is one Jonas S. Valent who in the past has fought in the wars, became a Lieutenant Commander but now works a boring job in port administration.

Valent and a small army of friends add excitement into their lives by hacking into the military training simulations and literary kicking butt. That is until the military finds out who is responsible. Suitably impressed they give Valent and friends a choice: they can pay fines and be permanently barred from any ranking Fleet position, or they can participate in one more simulation. You can probably guess what they choose.

Valent is put in charge of the Sunspire, an old Combat Carrier that has been converted into a Striker-class Destroyer and there is a lot more to her then meets the eye. Valent has to turn his team into a single unit, most of them not having met each other in real life before. But they trust each other and more importantly, they trust him.

Freeground Station is constantly under assault by corporations and military forces, everyone wants a piece of them and so to stay independent they have to think outside the box a bit. With Valent and crew proving themselves they are sent on a mission and given a shadow ship assignment. They are to go deep undercover and steal, trade and buy any useful technology and information that will aid the Freeground nation. The Sunspire is renamed First Light as she leaves her home behind.

Unfortunately things don’t turn out well for First Light and the crew. Captain Valent gets taken prisoner shortly after their first successful mission. But is the crew aboard First Light going to leave him to his own devices? After all Valent is a man who always has a trick or two up his sleeve…

I really enjoyed reading Spinward Fringe. It was full of action and adventure but also allowed moments for you to really bond with the crew and have them develop as individuals. The only real problem I had was the occasional clunky sentence like, “I sat up groggily and tried to clear my heavy grogginess” which jerked me out of the plot. But this was not enough to stop me really enjoying the story. Highly recommend it.

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