Review of Spinward Fringe 3: Triton by Randolph Lalonde

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-“The day approaches when insanity will grip what we have grown to trust. In every forest there is a burning, to every species comes a culling, and in time every program crashes. All so these things can be reborn, so everything from the smallest system to the whole of the galaxy can be renewed.”

Captain Valance and crew have taken control of the Triton, a massive Earth ship that used to belong to Captain Wheeler, now a prisoner aboard her. They emerge into the Enreega system to find it being attacked by Eden Fleet ships. They rescue survivors only to be betrayed by the Aucharians, the people they used to work for who regarded them as heroes. After a bloody battle the crew are victorious but at the cost of many lives. Jake Valance offers a home to any who will join his crew and many accept.

What many don’t know is that Jake Valance is a construct, flesh built around a materializer frame and that the real Jonas is out there, rescued by Alice, an artificial intelligence now human. They are on a collision course with the Triton, a trojan horse that they don’t even know about. Regent Galatic is about to test the Holocaust virus to pit man against machine in a fight that will cost billions of lives and end with everyone turning to them for help. But they didn’t factor in the Triton and her crew. They didn’t factor in Captain Valance and they didn’t factor in what would happen when Jonas and Jake met in the flesh.

I read this book with relish and delight, so happy to return to the world of Captain Valance and crew. I cheered them on through battle and victory and cried as shipmates were lost. Lalonde is an author you can’t rely on. Just when you think you know what’s going on, he tilts the board and leaves you gasping for breath. Plot twists, battles and big reveals, Spinward Fringe 3 has you in the middle of the action from page one until the end.

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