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Dr. Norman Logan works in a secret underground base in the middle of the New Mexican desert. Alarms blare just as Dr. Logan is putting the finishing touches on a prototype helmet that will enable people to communicate through thought rather than spoken words.  He discovers his base is being invaded by something that doesn’t come from Earth!

A spaceship is hovering over the base seemingly impervious to the might of the military weapons being thrown at it. Finally it lands and some sort of creatures exit and invade the base; every time a soldier tries to shoot at them he finds himself hovering in the air, unable to move. The creatures are tall and seem to communicate with telepathy, they don’t even have mouths. But they do have a destination and it is Logan’s laboratory. It is the helmet they are after which Logan has named Mindshot.

When Logan powers up Mindshot he is amazed that the aliens communicate in an American accent, but this pales in significance to the fact that they claim to be humans from 5,000 years in the future. The future humans need help from those present-day. They are dying out as a race with no means of procreating. They want people to travel into the future to stop the extinction of the human race.

It seems a worthy cause and people flock to save humanity but is this what the future humans are all about or do they have their own agenda? The battle for survival might not just be in the future; it could be in the present day as well.

From the first page I was addicted to this story and wanting to know where it would go and how it would be resolved. The characters were interesting and I was especially fond of General Teapard. However by the second half of the novel I started to lose a little interest, I was unable to decide just what the author was trying to say with this novel. Was it a judgment on humanity, social media or racism? This lack of adhesion interfered with my enjoyment of what was otherwise an excellent read.

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