Review of Corruption: A Marshal Boothe Tale of Justice by Jak Holding

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Corruption: A Marshal Boothe Tale of Justice is yet another short, Science Fiction thrill-ride from Jak Holding set in the Simon Vector universe. The back story of Marshal Jayson Boothe explores corruption on many levels including Boothe’s partner, Marshal Ellen Trame, as well as Senators and the Praetorians assigned to protect them.

Unfortunately, corruption still exists today in many governments, militaries, and corporations worldwide; Jak Holding uses this as fodder to paint a picture of what it would look like in a society that embraces corruption from the top down.

The lead character, Marshal Jayson Boothe, is assigned to apprehend the illusive Asteroid Killer. The story begins with The Asteroid Killer’s thirteenth multiple homicide. Boothe is obsessed with catching the Asteroid Killer and bring him or her to justice. He knows that his commitment to solve this case risks putting his family in danger.

In a story filled with corruption, Boothe is the lone beacon of justice. Throughout the story, he’s approached by a cast of characters who try to bribe and manipulate him, but he refuses all of their advances. His simple answer to why he won’t accept bribes or be corrupted: “What I want,” said Jayson Boothe, “is justice.”

As he works the case of the Asteroid Killer, Boothe locks horns with a powerful senator. In an ironic twist, the Senator pulls strings to have Boothe framed and arrested for corruption.

Unraveling the mystery of the identity of the Asteroid Killer and why powerful people are covering up the killer makes for a fast-paced and enjoyable read. Jak Holding introduces some interesting future technology like the drip-fed synthetic growth hormones that are used to strengthen the Imperial Marshals. The Praetorians are genetically modified as well to enhance their effectiveness as body guards. These enhancements make for some very spirited fight sequences.

Without spoiling the ending and giving too much away, I’ll wrap up by sharing my favorite quote from Jayson Boothe: “That’s your problem Senator. You assume that because you’re for sale, and the people under you are for sale, that everyone is. I’m not.”

If you’re a fan of action, Science Fiction or mysteries, you’ll enjoy Corruption: A Marshal Boothe Tale of Justice.

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Review of Corruption: A Marshal Boothe Tale of Justice by Jak Holding — 5 Comments

  1. I picked this up after reading Correction, the previous entry-point novella. I think it may have been you that pointed me at that.

    In any case, I liked Corruption even better, and I look forward to the other novellas due this year, and I think I’ll go pick up the Simon Vector novel (after checking out your review).

    • Thanks much for your comment! So glad you enjoyed this story as well, and if we helped you to discover it, that makes me even happier.

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