Review of Correction: A Gerald Ruhming Tale by Jak Holding

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Rating from TwistedSciFi ★★★★★ 

Are you a fan or horror and Science Fiction? Then you have to read Correction: A Gerald Ruhming Tale.

This short novella captures the best of both worlds by taking a deeper look into the disturbed character, Gerald Ruhming, who was first introduced to us in Simon Vector.

Essentially, in Gerald Ruhming’s universe, technology is over-utilized for solving crimes. This makes crime-fighting technology the perfect target for sabotage by powerful criminals. One of the human crime fighters, Colburn, recognizes this and uses old-school techniques to seek out the true criminal, Gerald Ruhming.

Not only does it take intelligence to determine that the computers are being manipulated, but it takes courage from Colburn to actually go against department policy to follow his hunches instead of what the computer dictates. When the wife of powerful professor goes missing on Mars, Colburn and his younger partner, Ghent, are forced to track her down and in the process identify the mysterious serial murderer.

Correction: A Gerald Ruhming Tale moves quickly and is action-packed; I really enjoyed it! By the way, you don’t have to read Simon Vector first; you can enjoy these stories in any order.

Caution: if you get grossed out easily, this story is not for you.

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