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Rating from TwistedSciFi ★★★★½ 

-The devil you know or the devil you don’t–sometimes they’re both worse than you can imagine.

You know the feeling you get when you’re on a rollercoaster and your stomach drops out when you first start heading down a big hill? Well, if you enjoy that sensation, you’re going to love reading Contract of Betrayal by Tammy Salyer.

As a reviewer, I try to avoid spoilers, but please take my word that there are plenty of major plot twists and fun surprises tucked into Contract of Betrayal. If you’re a fan of Science Fiction and action, you’ll love this story.

This book is part of a series so before diving in, you’ll want to get a copy of Salyer’s first book in the Series, Contract of Defiance. Here’s a link to our review. I really enjoyed both books, but I like Contract of Betrayal even better than Contract of Defiance.

Both the storyline and universe created in Contract of Defiance are skillfully continued in the second book. Salyer uses book two in the series as an opportunity to introduce some interesting new characters. I absolutely love the introduction of the character of Quantum. As with many of the multidimensional characters in her stories, it’s difficult to pin down Quantum as a friend, foe or someone in between. In fact as a reader, one of the most fascinating aspects of Salyer’s storytelling is trying to get to the heart of the characters she includes and determine their true motives.

Another aspect of Salyer’s writing that I quite enjoy is her ability to champion people who are being exploited. I especially liked this quote from Contract of Betrayal:

The loathing I felt for the way they wore out lives-the same way machines wear out gears-for their convenience and greed…

As a reader, I always want the exploited underdog to come out on top. Slayer’s narrative style makes it easier for us to feel empathy for the plight of her characters.

Salyer also uses parts of her second book to add further detail to both characters and plot lines that were developed in Contract of Defiance. This helped to bring closure to certain elements of the story that felt unresolved to me. This also enabled me to better understand some of the inner conflicts of her protagonists, especially Aly and Vitruzzi.

Overall, this book is a real thrill ride. I would highly recommend this for fans of action, mystery or military Science Fiction. Although the storyline was a little tighter than the first book in the series, there were still a few loose strands for me that prevent me from giving Contract of Betrayal a five star review. I absolutely enjoyed the book and would describe this as a book that’s hard to put down once you get started. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more books in the series.

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