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In Escape from the Bone Yard by RC Scott, Ja Keen is at university at the bequest of his mother’s unlimited funds. He is a genius, who at the young age of sixteen is struggling with the strictures her overbearing nature places upon him. Put simply… he wants to go home. Ja Keen dreams and sometimes these dreams reveal impossible things, things he shouldn’t / couldn’t know.

On another planet Thayan orphans, unloved and unwanted are promised a new home. Telepathically gifted they rarely speak out loud and are universally feared and hated. A new planet awaits them offering hope and home. Cojun, a fifteen year old boy struggles to overcome his Toran heritage from his father and battles daily with his rage.

The Bone Yard is an asteroid in space inhabited by nine pirate captains who fearlessly raid across the galaxy believing themselves to be outside and above the law. Their world is dominating by back stabbing and infighting with each of them trying to consolidate their position above the others. It is also occupied by the beautiful Madam Nar Tana whose brothels are playgrounds for the very rich and powerful. However it is she who holds all the power.

These different worlds and people are about to collide, the consequences of this will spiral across the galaxy.

I will be honest and say it took me a while to get into this book but once I did I couldn’t put it down. There was lots of action, battles and I did mention pirates didn’t I? But what really made this such an excellent read was the complex characters that Scott created. For me, Ja Keen and Cojun simply stole the show and ran with it. It was simply fascinating to view this story about nature verses nurture played across a galaxy. A truly epic read.

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