January Contest: Win an Autographed Copy of Hugh Howey’s Wool

Our January 2013 contest is perhaps the most exciting contest that we’ve ever had here at TwistedSciFi.com. We’re giving away 1 free autographed copy of Wool by Hugh Howey-wow!

Don’t know who Hugh Howey is? He’s simply one of the most successful independent authors of 2012. Not only was his book, Wool, nominated for Amazon’s Kindle Book Review’s Indie Book of the Year Award, but it won!

Shortly after that, Wool was featured as the Kindle Daily Deal on Saturday, October 6th, 2012, and it even made a recent appearance on the New York Times best sellers list.

Film rights are already optioned for Wool, and I can’t help but wonder if we’re looking at a path for Wool that mirrors the recent success of the Hunger Games series.

Howey’s book Wool is probably best characterized as a dystopian thriller. I’d tell you more, but don’t want to give away anything. If you’re thirsting for more information, you can always take a peek at our review of Book 1 of Wool series.

If you want to get hooked on Wool right now and you’re in the US, you can download a free ebook of Book 1 from Amazon.

How can you get entered to win? There are 3 exciting ways:

Add a comment to this blog post or to any page in this blog.

2nd way to enter: Click here and sign up for our free TwistedSciFI.com enews.

3rd way to win: Purchase a 100% cotton t-shirt from the TwistedSciFi.com eShop and you will also be entered to win. Each additional shirt you purchase increases your odds of winning the autographed book. Also, if you sign up for our free TwistedSciFI.com enews now, you’ll be e-mailed an  instant 10% discount.

Deadline: Interact in any of the above 3 ways between now and midnight EST on Thursday, January 31st for your chance to win the autographed copy of Wool.

The winner will be announced here on our blog and in our enews. Free shipping is included with the free autographed copy of Wool.

What are you waiting for?


January Contest: Win an Autographed Copy of Hugh Howey’s Wool — 23 Comments

  1. Don’t forget to check out Hugh’s entire catalogue of fiction, his writing is Amaze balls!

  2. Finished the wool series and first shift, just started second shift. Would love the autographed copy of wool but more interested in a shout out to a great author!

  3. Have read it twice now, and his Molly Fyde series. What an entertaining author! I would love an autographed copy of Wool as I currently only own a Kindle version.

  4. First time reading sci-fi and was hooked on these novels from the get go. can’t wait for the eighth installment. would love to be entered in the contest for the autographed copy!

  5. Amazon recommends this book for fans of Ready Player One (which I totally am). Would love to read this!

  6. Excellent giveaway of an excellent book – kudos to Mr. Howey for his writing and success. ~Steve

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